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About Formulation Diary

Now formulation development literature is one click away.
Formulation Diary is an online database which provides extensive literature and information which require for formulation development of pharmaceutical dosage. We integrate and consolidate drug development data and literature available on different official websites like,, etc. Integrated data are presented in very organized way in the website which not only support to pharmaceutical scientist and professional in research but accelerate the drug development and shorten the time required for the same.

Our Core Values

  1. Integration

    We are expert in integrating and refining the literature and information related to drugs and its development which are scattered in all over World Wide Web. We provide whole data package for individual product for further research and development. We provide authentic data from scratch to end, starting from drug characterization, pharmaceutical development, manufacturing process, and packaging to product available in market.
    Our motto is to keep data up to the date and genuine.

  2. Open Source

    Anyone can access the database for free and capable to list multi-dimensional data comparison. Only giving you data is not our aim, but anyone can write us the suggestions, ideas or their requirements in feedback. It serves the real purpose of open end from both side user as well as service provider.

    Your feedback is valuable to us and we will try to incorporate it in future plan.
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